Langs de waterlijn & de verborgen pracht van het boerenachterland

51.8 km fietsen - Schouwen-Duiveland

VVV Zeeland

There are two different sides to Zeeland: salty and sweet, water and land. This route of 48 km runs along the banks of the Grevelingenmeer lake. Soon, though, you’ll be whizzing through farmland, where there are plenty of places to stop for delish local delicacies.

Zoom round the church in Dreischor, to fully experience the Zeeuws ring-village model: this is the best-kept of them all. The aging black barns used to house flax, and if you’re curious for more farming background: head for the Streek- and Landbouwmuseum on the village outskirts.

You’ll not want to miss out on the Dijkwater nature reserve, on the road from Drieschor to Sirjansland. Take a flight of fancy in the flutter of butterflies and the orchid meadows. Back on your bike, next, along the edge of Oosterschelde, on to Bruinisse.


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