Hof te Zanderoute

41.6 km fietsen - Oost Zeeuws-Vlaanderen

VVV Zeeland

This route goes through the oldest parts of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. In the 12th century the monks from the abbeys in Brugge and Gent started to inpolder the silted land. Often in these polders a kind of abbey was founded, they called it an ‘Uithof’. From these ‘Uithofs’ dike building was organized. The new pieces of land became the food providers for the Vlaamse towns. In the local dialect. An ’Uithof’ became a Klooster that is how the name Kloosterzande developed.

Nice to know:
Many of the polders the monks built were lost during floods or through deliberate acts during wars. The polders around Kloosterzande and Lamswaarde (12th Century)survived that time without noticeable damage.


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