Maagd van Gentroute

37.4 km fietsen - West Zeeuws-Vlaanderen

VVV Zeeland

Traverse the borderland of Zeeland-Flanders and Belgium by bike (41 km). The hamlets here have the most bewildering names, such as Mollekot (Shack-a-Mole), Muizenhol (Mouse Hole) and Maagd van Gent (Virgin from Ghent).

When you see white border poles, you know the lay of the land will change. They commemorate the year 1843, when the current border was meticulously mapped out. Cycling here is a bit like a spot-the-ten-differences puzzle!

The defensive lines of the Eighty Years’ War are along this route, too. Pop into the Museum Het Bolwerk in IJzendijke, to read up on the outrageous history of this boundary-laden area.


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