With wings through Zeeland

48.3 km fietsen - Schouwen-Duiveland

VVV Zeeland

There are 900 hectares of new nature areas being sculpted, along the Schouwen South coast. A soggy, drenched expanse of land has taken the place of crisp, neat arable land. You could say this route (46 km) is a road along the bird boulevard of Zeeland.

The Delta Works meant that many tidal areas beyond the dikes were lost, which in turn resulted in the typically Dutch reconstructive plan, to bring back nature, called ‘Plan Tureluur’. The water fowl and meadow birds are thrilled with their very own, brand-new Prunjepolder.

Be sure to stop mid-route, to scale the wooden lookout post and savour the amazing Oosterschelde view. Thousands of birds come to forage here at low tide, when the sandy flats fall dry. Binoculars-a-go-go!


  • VIVIANE GANSEMAN - 19 feb 2020

    Prachtige, zeer aangename fietstocht met veel afwisseling tussen natuur, landschap, monumenten, dorp en stad, het altijd aanwezige water en de akkers. Het was koud en heel winderig maar we genoten!

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