VVV-Route: Heggenroute

5.5 km wandelen - Zuid-Beveland

VVV Zeeland

In the surroundings of the old village Nisse you find many winding dikes, pools and creek rest. Together with small set up fields and grass lands you will have an good idea on how the Zak of Zuid-Beveland was claimed from the sea bit by bit. The over grown grass dikes and the old meadows and hawthorn hedges have big nature value. Because of the tranquillity and different heights, it holds a large variety of plants and animals. To preserve this natural culture landscape it is most important that it is grazed. Natuurmonumenten allows cattle to graze in the bumpy meadows in the summer months. A big chance you will meet a flock of 200 Suffolk sheep on the surrounding dikes that come from the Kamerse Kooi.

The hawthorn route (Heggenroute) is signed with yellow posts. Starting point is at the information centre, next to de Kamerse Kooi

More information: www.natuurmonumenten.nl


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