VVV-route Sporen van water

53.1 km fietsen - Zuid-Beveland

VVV Zeeland

This (60 km) route will take you along the rich history of water in Zuid-Beveland. The story of centuries battling the water is written in the land, the water, the dikes, streams and areas of briny natural beauty.

This is one of the oldest polders in the Netherlands that you’re cycling through. Nisse, especially, brings a blast from the past: the tiny land parcels are chunks of bumpy wonder, hugged by hedgerows of mayflower and sloe.

Yet even now, the Zeeuws locals remain wary of the water rising. For this reason, the dikes of the Westerschelde bank are raised to 8 meters above sea level (NAP). This is sufficient to withstand a high tide which, statistically, ought to occur no more than once every 4,000 years.

Find a digital version of this route at www.vvvzeeland.nl/shop.


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