VVV-Route: Westerschelderoute

10.3 km wandelen - Zuid-Beveland

VVV Zeeland

Westerschelde Route

Hug the banks of the Westerschelde before passing through the Sack of Zuid-Beveland polders.
Bring your binoculars for this sea dike sojourn, for the Westerschelde is a nature reserve to be reckoned with! A busy shipping route, sure, but the starring role is for the birds padding around on the mud flats at low tide.
They’ll likely have some seals for company, those babies just l-u-u-u-r-v-e to sun themselves Westerschelde-style. Below the water, more animals, including some 70 species of fish, and not infrequent sightings of porpoise, too.
The Inlay (‘inlaag’) of 1887 and the Zuidgors, two nature reserves, are linked by Ellewoutsdijk Fort. Don’t miss the viewing platform up top, the view is worth the climb. Inside the fortress, a permanent exhibition on the Westerschelde awaits your peeping eyes.

This route is included in the pocketbook of Zuid-Beveland, available at all VVV Inspiration Points and through www.vvvzeeland.nl/shop.

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