VVV-Route: Boerderijenroute

4.9 km wandelen - Zuid-Beveland

VVV Zeeland

Five charming farms

This path, firmly footed in farmland, lets you wander past five historical Sack of Zuid-Beveland farms. Step back in time to peep at farming history in the area, where many such farms have typically survived. Zeeuws farms have unique facades, they are black, outlined in white.
Make no mistake, technology has left its mark on this land, though the farmyard layout of yore has not entirely disappeared. Farms including a homestead, barn, baking house and pigsty are now treasured as part of Zeeland cultural heritage.
Five proudly traditional period Zeeuws farms along the way, today, as you walk on by. In Baarland, the ‘De Stenen Poorte’ farm is as glorious as it ever was, a testament to its one-time owner, farming nobility, Baarland’s mayor.

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