VVV-Route: Bloemendijkenroute

11.1 km wandelen - Zuid-Beveland

VVV Zeeland

Go, among the flowers

The prosaic Sack of Zuid-Beveland has a poetic trail in store for you. Won’t your feet be happy to walk over the peerless flowered dikes? Walking here is guaranteed to give you footfalls on the prettiest dikes, not to mention the oldest, of the region. Exceptional plant life grows here, enveloping the sunny slopes in a wild, vibrant floral patchwork, come springtime.
The Kamerse Kooi sheep pen on Nieuwkamerseweg, set up as a regional visitors’ centre, is the starting point of the walk. Before you set off, have some coffee, and a look at the exhibition on the Zuid-Beveland countryside.
The local flocks nibble at the grass along some 45 km of dikes, keeping it cropped short. The ground then becomes habitable for wild marjoram, dianthus, woolly thistle – species often associated with warmer, drier climes.

This route is included in the 'Pocket Booklet' of Zuid-Beveland. Available at all VVV Inspiration Points and through www.vvvzeeland.nl/shop.


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