LF-13 Schelde-Rheinroute

11.3 km fietsen - Walcheren

VVV Zeeland

This national cycle route (LF-13 ) starts in Middelburg and ends in Duisburg, Germany.
In Zeeland you cycle through the beautiful ‘Zak van Zuid-Beveland’. This region was granted the status of Valuable Cultural Landscape in 1944. Further along you have the fabulous views of the Westerschelde. Eventually you cycle out of Zeeland via the Brabantse Wal.

Nice to know:
The channel in the Westerschelde must be deepened to allow large sea going ships entry into Antwerp harbour. The dredging is being done at the expense of the wildlife with the loss of the marsh banks and mudflats. The environmentalists want areas of land to be allowed to flood (ontpoldering) but that does not sit well with many Zeeuwen. The debate continues!


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