VVV-Route: Fietsen door de Manteling en historisch Veere

39.5 km fietsen - Walcheren

VVV Zeeland

The ‘Manteling’ is a slim stretch of woodland on the North-Walcheren coast, where tree branches have grown entwined, due to the ferocious sea-breeze. The route (39,3 km) runs through it, and beyond, to artists’ village Domburg and historical Veere.

In the early 1900s, Domburg was a high-end seaside haunt, first visited by the elite, though artists like Toorop and Mondriaan were hot on their sandy heels. The painters would bask, easel-in-tow, in the generous Zeeuws sunlight, gazing at the dunes and sea beyond.

The cycle path stretches, or bends, from Domburg to De Manteling, a favourite woodsy area for the wealthy townsmen to build their 17th-century country piles. Veere has yet more wealth and riches: more stately townhouses than you’ve ever seen in one go.

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