Discover Noord-Beveland

35.9 km fietsen - Noord-Beveland

VVV Zeeland

Trace the edges of Noord-Beveland island in this route. You will pass through endless villages, Colijnsplaat, Kats, Kortgene and Wissenkerke, to name a few.

Noord-Beveland is flanked by the waters of Oosterschelde and the Veerse Meer. Dikes, as a rule, have cycle paths beyond their perimeters, meaning you and the water are ever side-by-side. Beyond the dikes, inlays a-plenty, wet wildernesses simply meant for birdwatching. 

Colijnsplaat – or ‘Colijn’ for short – lies at the foot of the Zeelandbrug bridge. Every year, 750 tonnes of fish plus 500 tonnes of shrimp, besides, pass through this fish quay. Thursdays are the days to go, for indulging in some seafood-watching.

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