VVV-Route: De polders rond Goudplaat

12.2 km wandelen - Noord-Beveland

VVV Zeeland


Past the Veerse Meer and the polders of the Goudplaat, where the water used to run to the North Sea. When a dam was built, the tidal flow faltered and then halted for good, leaving sand flats to dry out and transform into islands of Veerse verdure.

Goudplaat is just one of 17 islands and peninsulas in the Veerse Meer. Come here and watch the masses of birds nest in this stunning nature reserve. Inland, the dikes offer more of a polder view.

Water is ever in sight, in admiration, on this route, with Veere town on the other side, and the island Haringvreter (‘herring gobbler’) close enough to touch. Be sure to bring those binoculars, see how many of the 40,000 migratory birds you can count!

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