VVV-Route: Dorpenroute

54.2 km fietsen - Walcheren

VVV Zeeland

All through Zeeland, dikes dictate the land, with Walcheren as a notable exception. Here, the narrow dunes make way for farmland, meadows and adorable villages. Church spires will be your signposts on this cycling adventure.

Typical for Zeeland are so-called church-centric or ‘ring’ villages, including Aagtekerke, Gapinge and Biggekerke. The homes snugly built in a circle around the church. Vibrancy is the byword for these villages, with old folklore pastimes – ring tilting for one – as annual staples.

Watch out for the manmade little round hills en route, though their height is hardly impressive, they do stand out in the otherwise horizontal land. You’ll pedal past quite a few of these, typically Walchers, refuge mounds or ‘vliedbergen’.

Note: this route is included in the booklet ‘4x Walcheren’. All VVV-Inspiration Points have it, and you can get it from www.vvvzeeland.nl/shop.


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