VVV-Route: Valkenisseroute

46.4 km fietsen - Walcheren

VVV Zeeland

The dunes of the Walcheren south shore are slim, tall and interesting, as this higgledy-piggledy cycle path (48,6 km) through the dunes will show you. Set down your bike at any old dune-passage and take a breather, and a coffee, in a beach pavilion.

Groot-Valkenisse boasts some of the nation’s highest dunes, at 46 metres: a whopping 128 steps for you to scale at dune-passage #9. An incomparable foot path over the dunes gifts you a stunning vista of Walcheren and the Westerschelde.

At Westkapelle, however, the coast is all concrete, and the dike was bombed at the close of WWII, an attempt to compel the Germans to surrender. Museum ‘Het Polderhuis’, mere steps from the dike, affords a perfectly educational pitstop.

Note: this route is included in the booklet ‘4x Walcheren’. All VVV-Inspiration Points have it, and you can get it from www.vvvzeeland.nl/shop.


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