VVV-Route: Rammekensroute

50.4 km fietsen - Walcheren

VVV Zeeland

This is a route, 51.5 km in all, past four historical harbour towns: Vlissingen, Middelburg, Veere en Arnemuiden. The treasures of Zeeland’s maritime past are there for you to gaze upon.

In the 17th century, Middelburg was second only to Amsterdam, in the VOC trading company. Merchant shipping captains would spend their profits on stately homes and warehouses. The town of Veere became rich, largely, through wool trade with Scotland, though it did make a penny or two off the VOC, too.

Even today, Vlissingen is a true harbour, as the stunning view from the promenade terraces over the Westerschelde attests. The end of your bike ride is the oldest sea fort inWestern Europe: Fort Rammekens.

Note: this route is included in the booklet ‘4x Walcheren’. All VVV-Inspiration Points have it, and you can get it from www.vvvzeeland.nl/shop.


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