VVV-Route: Zwinroute

31.3 km fietsen - West Zeeuws-Vlaanderen

VVV Zeeland

A wide canal, the Zwin, cuts through the dunes between the Netherlands and Belgium. Marshes, mudflats and sandy expanses are the ingredients of this 39 km route. Oh, and don’t forget the distinctive Flemish border villages.

Way back, in the 1100s, the Zwin flexed its muscles down to Bruges, then a sea harbour. The route silted up, and soon became impassable. Streams, gullies and mudflats took its place. Now it is a vibrant area where tides simply ebb and flow.

En route, enjoy the bustle of border towns like Sluis, interspersed with serene villages, Sint Anna ter Muiden, for one. When you reach Cadzand-Bad, the boulevard gently morphs into a cycle path beyond the dike, with stunning Westerschelde views.

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