VVV-Route: Zilte lucht route

26.6 km fietsen - Schouwen-Duiveland

VVV Zeeland

Along the dunes it goes, this route (26,6 or 40,1 km), past the banks of the Grevelingenmeer lake and the North Sea coast. Complement it with some aquatic fun: a boat trip or canoe ride.

The Grevelingenmeer is the largest in its kind, salt water lake, in Western Europe. Once linked directly to the North Sea, but closed off by the Brouwersdam during the Delta Works. At Den Osse, board a boat and you can (almost) touch the water!

Sheer abandon can also be found in stepping off the bike and into flowering orchid fields. Onwards and upwards, next, to the dam of ‘De Punt’, in the middle of the Brouwersdam. Follow the North Sea beach outwards, and come back along the Grevelingen – or hop on the steam tram, for a change!

All VVV-Inspiration Points have it, and you can get it from https://www.vvvzeeland.nl/en/shop/vvv-route-zilte-lucht-route/c-26/p-139/


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